Our Restaurant

It is a soba and udon noodles shop founded in 1980. Our restaurant is a little family-run. Location is in the alley of Shijo Karasuma in Kyoto. Lunch time on the weekdays, menbo yamamoto is packed with office workers around Karasuma and Shijo stations. We serve a quick lunch and deliver a business lunch. So if you come anytime after 13:30, you can eat with a relaxing time.

Proud soup broth

We have a great emphasis on the soup broth. We use carefully selected materials such as Rishiri kelp, Urume-bushi, dried Mackerel and Mejika-bushi. And we shavings of dried fish ( Urume-bushi, dried Mackerel, Mejika-bushi) by ownself to enrich the good tast and flavor of dried fish. This broth is based almost all foods, it's delicious so please try various menus.


For information on changing business hours, please translate the Japanese website or visit instagram.


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Location & Hours

Location is in the alley of Shijo Karasuma in Kyoto.
Near bus stops: Shijo Karasuma and Shijo Nishinotoin.
Near railway station: Subway Shijo and Hankyu Karasuma Sta.
It takes about 3 minites on foot from Exit 24 of the station.


Mon-Fri 11:00〜20:00 (l.o.19:30)

Sat    11:00〜14:00


Sun・Public holiday ・3rd Sat



No smoking

Anytime no smoking


Cash only